Friday, May 9, 2008


In my last blog, I informed you guys that I was gonna camp overnight by myself in the jungle.Well, ladies and gentleman, I just want to announce to you all that I have BRASS BALLS.
I conquered my fear of basic survival and most importantly, my fear of hantus in the jungle.

There is something liberating about hoisting a backpack and knowing you can go anywhere with what you have on your back

Off I went into the wild. Started my journey at 3pm and by the time I reached the entrance of the hill, it was 4pm. I only realized how heavy my bag was when I started gasping for air by the 2nd level. The trek was uphill and it was a bloody challenge to reach the site. Those of you who wanna take on Mt Kinabalu should train on this hill. A lot of people train in Batu Caves but this place presents you with natural obstacles like tree trunks, roots and children.
By 5pm, I reached the waterfall. I decided to venture further in as there were no suitable camping ground.I made no prior site survey nor did I have any first hand information on this hill. In fact, I don't think anyone has ever camped there before.After searching for a suitable camp site for half an hour, I wanted to give up and leave but I couldn't. I could not give up and turn home after all the hype.When faced with a challenge, did Rocky give up? Did the tortoise give up? Did Anwar give up? These fictional characters did NOT give up and I plan to follow in their footsteps.
Long story short, I chose a small space of land next to the edge of the waterfall trail.The flow of the water leads to a somewhat eerie pool. Take a look at my glutton for punishment camping site :

There I was, finally..MAN VS WILD. Exposed to the wild, I took every opportunity to use my Leatherman and Swiss Army knife including the menial task of killing giant ants with the tools. I boiled water, I hung my boots to dry, I snapped twigs to feed the fire, I bathed in the nude with pristine natural eau claire, etc. It was just a heavenly activity for me to be one with nature.

Darkness was approaching and this was the time to test whether I had some balls attached to my groin. Here's a video on darkness approaching at my campsite :

I retreated to my tent at around 7pm and 50 minutes later, it was total darkness. The type of pitch darkness whereby if you put your hand in front of your face, you won't see anything!!More like being in The Summit's car park. Check out the video :

By this time, your mind and ears play tricks on you. There were a few times I heard children talking but after listening carefully, it was just the bloody cicak kubing talking to their fellow species. Sometimes, I could hear splashes of water. But I blocked ALL that out.
Eventually, I feel asleep until 5am and the next morning, I felt extremely proud that I went through a mini MAN VS WILD experience and also survived a showdown with nature.
I learnt an important thing which is :


I urinated a couple of times nearby my campsite without asking "permission" and I'm here writing this blog. If you are someone who believes in this kind of mambo jambo, this overnight solo camping trip in the jungle proofs otherwise.

The question is, will I go camping alone in the jungle again ?



An Li said...

Hey Teoh,

Did you fish by the river and eat the fish like Bear Grylls? You should try his survival skills in the desert. Do not need a tent at all. Sleep in the camel's body after digging into its hump for water.

Srikanth Siva said...

congrats dude. u now have the privilege to whip out ur balls in public.

Bubbles said...

The whole reason for doing it is so that you can be totally naked in the jungle right???!!!

Srikanth Siva, please don't encourage him ...........

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Dear Amanda,
Yes it's true. I just want to be naked. In my next trip, I will post a naked photos of myself.
Stay tune. Controversy sells.

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Sorry for the bad grammar. I meant to say I will posting a naked photos of myself.
Silap silap.....

Mr Putra J.A.S said...

Hye bro..interesting blog to read here...basically i also like this type of activities like camping,jungle tracking, etc...

By reading your blog here , i can get to know lot of places which i can go for holiday.....keep it up with gud work bro...:)

Anonymous said...

it's better to set your camp at higher ground..
your tent could be flooded / swept away if there were strong rain upstream..