Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thresher Sharks in Malapascua Island, Philippines

Mention Malapascua Island and two words come to mind - Thresher Shark. This is the only place where divers are able to consistently spot thresher sharks with a 99.7 percentage. That's pretty high considering sharks actually swim and the ocean is a huge ass place. Monad Shoal is the dive site to be in to view these magnificent creatures.

It's quite a bitch to travel to Malapascua from Kuala Lumpur. Thank God for the newly opened Air Asia 3 hour direct flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu. Three hours to fly to Cebu.
Cebu Island
Have someone from the Malapascua Island dive centre pick you up from Cebu International Airport and drive you back to the island. This land journey is exactly 4 hours through 2 lane roads , construction and pesky lorries complete with jeepneys.Do tell your driver stop at a petrol kiosk convinience store and buy snacks because it's a long road ahead
San Mig
. The scenery along the way is meh.

By the time you arrive at the pier (sunset), you need to take another 30 minute bangka boatride to Malapascua Island. If the timing is right, a nice sunset hue will emerge as the bangka sails along the open sea.

Ride towards Malapascua Island
Filipino Bangka
Filipino Bangka
Before I continue on, the worst job anyone can have is probably the van driver from the pier. He's got to travel back and forth on a daily basis. How crazy is that???
Anyway, we arrived at had dinner. Generally, Pinoy food ain't the most delicious food on the planet. Be it their local or Westernized food - it's bad.
Bad to the bone

There are many dive centres on Malapascua Island. We chose a locally based Dive Centre. While the main highlight are thresher sharks, there are a good amount of critters found here as well especially the one and only rare psychedelic frogfish. Apparently, there are a lot of frogfish species here. You must not miss diving at Gato Island.2 hours away from Malapascua and the diving there is quite good especially the swim throughs and encountering sharks.
Gato Island cliff jumping spot
It's freaking high. At least a 5 second freefall duration.
Wear clothes while jumping off the cliff because you'll be stung by jellyfishes
Pee on my arm !!!

Here's a video of the magnificent thresher shark :

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Currently Ranking No.1 Beef Noodle

For the past 25 years, the ranking no.1 beef noodle is held by by Lai Foong. For your information, I have been consuming their fabulous beef noodle for at least 10 years now. About a year ago, their regular beef noodle guy seems to be irregular. And because of his irregularity, someone took over the helm. And that someone literally destroyed a much loved decades old beef noodles. The soup is so diluted now and the internal beef parts isn't as tender as Priscilla Presley's thighs anymore. I decided to abandon eating at Lai Foong in protest.
Lai Foong
You broke my heart Lai Foong
Coz I don't wanna miss a thing
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye ..To Lai Foong

About 3 months ago, I read in a blog of a recently opened new beef noodle stall that's making waves amongst beef noodle lovers in the Klang Valley. Hidden in a narrow road around Jalan Pasar (the electronics haven), all you can see is a typical stainless steel hawker cart. Behind the hawker cart is an equally steely chef. This chef hails from Hong Kong and he makes the meanest beef noodles. I tried it and was blown away by the soup, the tenderness of the beef, the varieties of the beef parts and most importantly - they also offer wagyu beef.

Tripe at right with the special beef sauce to dip it in

I call this dish -The Gym Pope because of it's beefy holiness

The restaurant's name is Kwai Chup. Parking can be brutal. The wait can be brutal. Here is the Standard Operating Procedure when you are there - Park, arrive, sit on the table and wait for you someone to come over to order from you. DO NOT GO NEAR THE BEEF NOODLE STATION OR YOU WILL BE THE RECEIVING END OF THE GRUMPY HK CHEF's BEEFY ANGRY BULL GLARE. You can order in English but it's best to know your beef lingo - tripe, brisket, striploin, tendon, beef ball, wagyu, kobe and stomach.
Price List

Thursday, May 5, 2016

RapidKL's New Puchong LRT Line

I'm a big fan of public transportation because it frees me from the maddening traffic jam which everyone hates. Sure, I'm not the only one who hates traffic jams but I hate traffic jams with a vengeance. It's like Dr Bruce Banner turning into The Hulk, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde situation.
When I first meet a woman and I think she is quite interesting but the moment she tells me she lives in Bdr Sri Damansara or Sg Buloh/Kajang, I'll be disinterested because I have to drive to where she lives and where she lives has got no trains. She may be Emily Blunt but sorry I have to decline.
Why must you stay in Bandar Sri Damansara Miss Emily Blunt??

In a way, the trains determine how my life will turn out to be. Trains are important....very important.

Currently, you live in miserable ol Puchong but now, you can rejoice because finally, after 5 years , the LRT is here, literally at your doorstep.
The oh so new trains

Look at the space ...So clean

Only 3 passengers today .... me

A lot of thought went into building the stations as well as determining the most optimum route for Puchong dwellers. Another plus point - LRT station car parks. Each station will have a carpark with substantial parking(up to 130 slots). Impressed yet? I've changed underwear twice already.
Parking bays !!!!!
Puchong Train Stations
1. In front of Bandar Puteri Puchong
2. In front of Tesco Puchong
3. In front of IOI Mall

Yeah yeah...Puchong is so near to KLIA/KLIA2. The person who you ask to drop you off at KLIA/KLIA2 secretly despises it. "It's only once a while" so they say. Get on any of the above train stations, take the train all the way to Sri Petaling. Along the way you will pass by Kinrara BK5, Awan Besar, etc. Get off at Sri Petaling because the new trains don't go beyond Sri Petaling for now. Interchange with the 20 year old but still reliable STAR LRT to take you to Bandar Tasik Selatan.
Kunta Kinte

Disembark and cross to another building about 500 metres away for your last leg to the airport. The amazing ERL has a station at Bandar Tasik Selatan (KLIA Transit). Hop on that and you're on your way to KLIA/KLIA2.

In 3 swift steps :

and the driver who always have to send your bum to the airport will remain your ever loving friend/spouse/partner.
Impressed blogger
No rush hour crowd
Spic and span
Really impressed blogger
Like Singapore MRT level

Are we on our way to rivaling Singapore's MRT and Bangkok's BTS..........................

The question I keep asking myself is ...........How the hell do I know Puchong so well???????

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bangkok Food Guide If You're There For Only 2 Days

That's How You Drink A Fanta

I'll get straight to the point. Don't go to Yaowarat or Bangkok's China Town because it's a tourist trap. It's not that near to the city either , so scrap that.Instead , go to Som Tam at Siam Square. The food is Isaan based and it's authentic. If CNN says you should eat at Som Tam, you eat at Som Tam.
We ordered fried fish, chicken wings (their signature dish) and pork shoulder (signature dish as well) Every dish is infused with Thai spices with chopped up bits of onions, garlic, parsley, etc. Amazing

Next, if you're in Bangkok on Saturday or Sunday, be sure to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market. How to get there. Take the MRT lazy bums. Don't worry, on your way back, you will take a cab and I will tell you why later. Chatuchak is the world's largest market selling all sorts of stuff. I mean it....EVERYTHING !!! From sex toys to sushi, you find it there. They may even have Hitler's underwear for all I know. Be smart and dress as little and skimpy as possible because it will be hot hot hot. Walking under corrugated zinc roof will definitely drive you nuts. JJ Market as it is also known sells food and drinks - enough to keep your energy going and remain hydrated. Like the first photo at the top of this blog, you must drink your Fanta in a plastic bag or you will be thrown in a Bangkok prison.
Here are some photos of Chatuchak Market
The only way to drink a Fanta

Pork stewed rice - So damn good. Please order this

Now that's you're done browsing around for the past 4 hours, take a cab back to your hotel because taking the BTS after that ordeal is just torturing.
Now, for the ultimate authentic Chinese - Thai street food cuisine, you have to go to Pochana 55 in the Thonglor district. Don't ask the cab drivers where it is. Have them drop you off at the Thonglor BTS and find your own way. Live a little would you? It's only 1 minute from the BTS.
Omelette oyster and seafood tom yam-Too delicious and too authentic.
Pochana 55 only opens from 7pm until 4am catering for night crawlers.

Lastly, for the ultimate ultimate food of any form, you must have the Shibuya Honey Toast from After You. It's the dessert from heaven because the moment you cut out a piece of buttered toast plus whipped cream and ice cream, you'd melt with happiness.
Shibuya Toast From After You
We loved each other more after having this heavenly dessert

Bangkok awaits you .........................