Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Malaysian Low Cost Carrier, Terbe Airlines

Recently, a newly formed Malaysian LCC, Terbe Airlines has started offering cheap long haul flights to Sierra Leone in the African continent. Anticipating a long weekend, I booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Freetown for only RM345.00. I won't elaborate more on the the no frills airline since it will be widely publicized by the local media soon.

While in Sierra Leone, I went on a jungle trekking session in the Gola Rainforest in Southeastern Sierra Leone. This is my guide Kwambe Kinte.

Kwambe Kinte-My Sierra Leone guide

Anyway, read all about Terbe Airlines soon.

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Srikanth Siva said...

u were told not to leak Terbe Airlines, but yet u decided to blog about it. Not a good way to start.

Terbe also flies to East Timor, Togo, Zaire and anywhere there is a conflict