Monday, August 18, 2008

Pulau Perhentian 2008

Pulau Perhentian. I never fail to visit this enchanting island annually. Last year, I visited the island twice. The best part about this island is, it's only 40 minutes from my house in Kota Bharu. I just love this island so much because it's just so relaxing and not so commercially advertised.
My usual activities in Perhentian would be
Mucking around from the jetty
Floating on crystal blue waters reading a book
Swimming in the open sea

I spent a total of 3 night in Perhentian. Usually, I would stay for more than 4 days but I'd be coming back in October for Perhentian Island Challenge 2008(

Monday, August 11, 2008

Going Ga Ga Over Gunungs (Gunung Nuang)

Firstly, let me introduce you to Gunung Nuang, 1490 metres making it the highest mountain in Selangor. I forgot to mention also that this mountain is also a sadistic bastard to climbers. It's one tough SOB I tell you.
Tortured climber
We started off at 730am from the car park to Camp Lolo. Took us about 45 minutes of walking. Jimmy and I chatted about work, single and marriage life, Anwar's sodomy and police reports our partners make throughout the 45 minutes journey. We reached Camp Lolo at about 830am..
The 45 minute trek to Camp Lolo

From Camp Lolo, it was an ardous journey of 2 hours uphill to reach Camp Pacat.Obstacles like fallen tree trunks, Kunta Kinte(roots), mud, boulders, etc makes the 2 hour journey feels like shopping with an indecisive girlfriend in
Mid Valley on a Saturday.
Tough climb ahead

Camp Pacat
By 1030am, we had already reach Camp Pacat. Camp Pacat holds some bitter experience for me because one month ago, I went up all the way to Camp Pacat only to turn back after Jimmy's friends refused to continue to the summit. If it weren't for them, I would have continued....Not really, deep down inside, I was hoping somebody would quit and we'd all had to turn back because this mountain is bastardly tough.
It was only 1030am and the weather was good. Initially, Jimmy and I discussed the excuses we could conjure up if we turned back. One of them was the bad weather on the mountain. But on the day of the hike, it was as though we were in the Gobi Desert. Panas gelegok. From Camp Pacat to the Summit took us another hour. I was so glad to reach the summit on my second attempt.
Le Summit

After celebrating for 15 minutes, we started our journey down. I hate descending.
It took me at least 5 more hours to trek down all the way to the car. Jimmy and I vow not to go up this mountain again and opt for waterfall trips from now on.
Nevertheless, we did it in one day. Most people camp overnight to make their journey more comfortable. I couldn't afford to not summit after my first summit failure.
I just couldn't. That day, no matter how my legs wanted to give up, I soldiered on.
At the end, I'm glad I hung on and reached the summit. I rewarded myself later with a dip in the lower waterfalls and petai spaghetti. Amazing combination.
Petai Spaghetti