Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camping Solo Overnight In A Jungle

I'm gonna pull another Glutton For Punishment stunt in the next 2-3 days time. What is it this time? CAMPING SOLO OVERNIGHT !!!
How can that be a glutton for punishment activity? You see, in my entire life, I've only been in a camp twice. Once was 2 years ago at Bagan Lalang in a reality TV show and another at Perhentian Island Challenge.

Both had the tents all set up and ready. I just had to sleep in it. All the facilities were there: lights, food, toilet, security and even women.
But this time, it's the whole works for me. I have to find a spot, set up the tent, cook my own food, start a fire(and not cause a forest fire) and quite simply, staying overnight alone in a jungle. I'm basically a 4 year old when it comes to anything and everything to do with camping. In fact, I just learnt how to set up a tent 4 days ago in my living room and it took me an hour. And as for survival skills like lighting a fire or staying dry, I've got zero knowledge and zero logic in this department.

Why am I doing this, you may ask? It's because of one guy and his name is Bear Grylls. He is the host of Man Vs Wild, a Discovery Channel program. Check some of his videos out

This is a show whereby Bear Grylls is dropped off in the middle of nowhere be it in a Venezuelan jungle, Mojave desert, the everglades, the Arctic, the Alps, African savannah or just about anywhere where it is imposibble to live. His objective is to find his way from the middle of nowhere to civilization with just his knife and a firestarter(Drew Barrymore not included).
A camera crew will follow him while he teaches us how to survive in that kind of harsh environment. Whenever he finds a place to sleep for the night, whether in a cave or inside a deer carcass(to keep warm), the camera crew will be whisked off by helicopter and come back the next morning to resume shooting until he reaches civilization.

I wonder if the camera crew wishes that when they come back the next morning, they'd find him dead "Damn it, he's still alive. I have to walk under the scorching sun for another day or dodge angry bull elephants again with this bastard"

This program is exciting and I've had huge fights with my ex girlfriend with regards to this series because I refuse to wash the dishes until the show is over. Why can't women understand the important things in a man's life? Men want to see other men bite the head of a live snake or drink elephant urine. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I figured, since I'm a virgin in all these, I should take baby steps. So, my destination is Bukit Apeh Hill(http://www.waterfallsofmalaysia.com/114bukitapeh.php) in Cheras. I've been there before. It's got a small waterfall and I've got to find somewhere to pitch my tent. There are no camping grounds there and like Bear Grylls, I have to rough it out. There's cell reception on this hill and all I have to do is not get my cellphone submerged in water.

I think I can rough it out but what concerns me the MOST is ...have you guys watched The Blair Witch Project?

Yup, that's what I'm afraid of. Although I don't believe in such things, a lot of people advised me on the do's and don'ts when I'm in the jungle and I'm like "Tskk, you took Science after Form 3 and you talk about this kind of stuff?Did you graduate at all? I work with satellites and I shouldn't be even believing in this kind of hocus pocus ........ or should I?

You must be asking, why don't I go with someone? The truth is , I only have 7 friends and they do not want to risk their life with someone who doesn't even know how to pronounce or spell "carru-bensi...??" I still don't know how to spell or pronounce it or know what this tool does but It looks something like this, a common tool used during camping or hiking :

I intend to camp overnight by myself this coming Thursday(1st of May) and emerge the next morning unscathed. So, wait for the pics and videos.

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Srikanth Siva said...

Great! I look forward to seeing the pictures and outcome. Who is going to take ur pic by the way?