Monday, July 21, 2008

Kayaking in Putrajaya

There are only 2 places in KL where you can go Kayaking, one in Tasik Titiwangsa and the other, Putrajaya. In anticipation for Perhentian Island Challenge 2008 (, I am currently in the midst of training for this event. Last year in the same event, I nearly kayaked to Vietnam because I had no experience in a kayak nor I knew the technicalities of kayakinging against the sea current.
It's actually not a bad place to be honest. It was not packed and if you come at the right time, there's no sun to beat down on you. Everything seems tranquil and relaxing.
Goofing around at the fountain

After an hour of kayaking, I went back to USJ for some durian- arguably, the best fruit on the planet.
Modern Durian Stall

Arguably, the best fruit on the planet

Arguably The Best Bak Kut Teh On The Planet

A Bowl Of BKT

Situated right after the second toll from the Batu Tiga toll lies the best Bak Kut Teh on the planet. Rumour has it that Bak Kut Teh was invented in this restaurant decades ago. They even found prehistoric paintings drawn by Cro Magnon humans nearby this restaurant,
Prehistoric painting depicting humans hunting boars

It was so good that YC finished 2 plates of rice and emptied a full bowl of BKT soup.

Mountain Biking in Kemensah

I bought a new mountain bike 2 weeks ago and I've been dying to test it out on some terrains nearby Zoo Negara, Ampang. I went with Jimmy, the biking enthusiast and also a fellow hiking partner. Since this is my first time mountain biking, Jimmy taught me a few things on biking like raising the seat so that I don't look like an overgrown child riding a mountain bike. He also taught me some gear switching stuffs like if I'm suppose to go uphill, I should swiitch to a lower gear...all those info went into one ear and came out the other year because I couldn't be bothered about it. I just wanted to ride the bike into the wilderness. Here are some pictures :
My new mountain bike

Jimmy, the biking enthusiast

After the first monster hill

Discussion on why I should stop being a cheap bastard and get a helmet for safety

Downhill all the way!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Apologies All Around

I've been neglecting my blog. My daily 200 readers are fuming mad. I promise , starting this week onwards, there will be blogs galore.In the meantime, I shall present my faithful readers with my half naked pictures. Enjoy :