Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Hike To Lepok Hill Waterfall

Lepok Hill Waterfall

I went on a hike this morning to Lepok Hill at Pangsun, Hulu Langat.This time I did not go alone. Mohd Hazimi tagged alone. Here's a brief history about Mohd Hazimi or Jimmy for short.


We were both from the same university and back in uni, he dated a Chinese girl while I dated a Malay girl. One time all four of us went for dinner and the moment we sat down on the restaurant table, it became a bit awkward. At times, I would chat with his girlfriend in Hokkien while he chatted with mine in Malay. And then we'd switch back and forth for the sake the translation. Although. the scene was muhibbah,it had a weird and creepy side to it.

Inter-racial relationship

Anyway, Jimmy and I met up after 6 years this morning and proceeded to Lepok Hill. Reaching the Lepok Hill waterfall doesnt really take a lot of effort. By 45 minutes, we have already reached the venue. It's very nice and has a pool at end of the waterfall for you to swim in.

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