Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bukit Tabur

I go through a mid life crisis once a month and how I address this issue is to climb a mountain or a hill. It doesn't matter as long as it's punishable. I will look for any opportunity to climb and this morning I climbed Bukit Tabur , a hill overlooking KL City and the Klang Dams. It's pretty interesting because it's doesn't just involve trekking, it involves climbing over jagged edged rocks as well. So, it's pretty daunting for a beginner(I write as if I've conquered Everest before).
Anyway, here are some pictures of Bukit Tabur:

My Destination Right At The Peak

Bukit Tabur is like a mini Mt Kinabalu. You rarely see mud or brownish treks on the way up. You also don't have any pesky branches blocking your way. An hour into the hike, you will be rewarded with the view of the Klang Gates Dam.

Klang Gates Dam at 9am

Shirtless 5 minutes into the hike.How is The North Face gonna sponsor me?

Nearing the peak, you will be presented with a few obstacles that requires you to actually use a rope and a lot of upper strength.

Check out the bod

The Peak,KL City in the background

It takes about 3 hours to complete the whole hike.


mchwen said...

Hello. You seem to travel to many interesting places yourself. Keep blogging!

classyadele said...

U love punishment, ay? Started flogging urself yet?

Srikanth Siva said...

This is a hidden secret! Must try it out sometime.