Saturday, May 31, 2008

The English Patient

The Englsh Patient. My favourite movie of all times. I probably watched this movie like 300 times. A hundred more times than Grease. I read the book back when I was in university and although the book was slow, I was wondering how Anthony Minghella(the late director) could make this novel into a movie…because it's bloody messy with all the characters involved (Almasy, Katherine, Geoffrey, Hanna, Kip)

I was in my university video library room when I chanced on the movie. I had just finished classes and wanted to kill time.
So, I registered the tape(VCD technology was at it's infancy in Malaysia and just so you know, in the USA, they skipped the VCD technology and jumped straight to DVD after VHS. This info is courtesy of a fellow blogger, Sri Kanth Siva who never fails to repeat the same story to me for the past 7 straight years now. You've met people who often repeat the same stories right?

There I was, alone in the video room of my university library. Why am I always alone? Marathon alone, camping alone and now watching a movie alone! Anyway, after 3 hours, I came out of the video room…..dazed and confused. Not confused about the movie but more to life in general. Yes, this movie affected me big time. Ralph Fiennes was such a tortured soul in the movie. The English Patient was also pendorong for me to visit Egypt (Went alone as well)

Recently, when I was In Dubai and hanging by the sand dunes..I managed to relive my English Patient fantasy.

Same right?

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Srikanth Siva said...

i found this movie to be dull. Need to watch it again to see if my opinion changes