Sunday, May 25, 2008


We transited in Dubai after 7 days in Turkey to meet my brother and sister in law. They've been in Dubai for almost 3 years now. My brother was all geared up for his compulsory routine tourist guide responsibility.Throughout his stay in Dubai, he has taken at least 5 of our relatives on his customised tours.
Our first stop is the only 7 star hotel in the world. the Burj Al Arab. You need to pay at least 200 Dirham just to enter. Yup, just to set foot only. Gedebe sungguh.

The tallest building in the world by next year,The Burj Dubai

My brother and I inside Jumeirah

Overlooking the Dubai creek

Hanging around in the desert

Topless in the desert

Sheikh Muzaffar Al Teoh

I've always loved the Middle East for their history, culture and food. Visiting Dubai was amazing and I have thank my brother and my sister in law for this unforgettable trip.
Let's drive to Oman next time !!!!

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Que Sera Sera said...

Lucky you! Have always wanted to go to Dubai someday..:-)