Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Low Cost Superhero

I was having an afternoon nap and when I woke up, YC told me that while I was sleeping I was muttering the sentence "Don't Worry I'll Be Your Low Cost Superhero" WTF?? It was strange but maybe that was my calling.

Low Cost Superhero - I think I am the only one in this world to coin this term.I tried googling it up but there were zero hits.

Anyway, at this time and age, we need to be more prudent in our lifestyle. Being a low cost superhero, I shall dispense some tips and advice on how to be one:

1. If you like clubbing, make friends with people who can get you into clubs for free like Zouk or Bar Savanh. Because paying cover charge is like paying to an illegal car park attendant. It's supposed to be free parking but that bastard is there to collect regardless. A nagging feeling that wont go away.

2. If the club does not impose cover charge, buy a mug of beer (RM15.00)and take slow sips of it so that it'll last the whole night. Chat with people and just tell them that this is the 4th beer you're drinking.

3. If u drive a cheap Proton car,park somewhere where it does not require parking fees. It's just a bloody Proton and you could use some walking. I once parked at Bar Savanh's area and walked to Zouk. How about that for a low cost superhero? Not only did I save some RMs, I counted how many lamp posts there were from Renaissance Hotel to Zouk. 38 in total.

4. Buy your clothes only during a warehouse sale.
5. When it rains, drive your car to an open area. That's your free car wash. You’re still driving the Proton right?

6. Don't pay for broadband. Use your neighbour's Wifi.

7. Stop buying music CDs. Download them for free online. One time, my ex told me that she bought 2 CDs for the price of RM35.00 at a music store sale and thought that was a good buy. No wonder she's my ex.

8. Buy your DVD movies and TV series in Penang and Penang only.
That's because Penang sells DVDs at RM4 instead of RM10 here in KL. What about toll and petrol to go to Penang? Share the cost with someone.It's tough and time consuming to download 4 seasons of Desperate Housewives online.

9. Stay home and watch the DVDs you purchased from Penang.If you buy RM200 worth of DVD movies and Tv series, my experience tells me that you will need 6 months to watch everything. If you go clubbing on a weeekend, you are sure to spend at least RM160. Multiply that by 4 weekends equates to RM640.00. Money down the drain.

10 If you are a member of a gym and you don’t wanna spend on a personal trainer,just spot a personal trainer with a client currently doing their workout and follow exactly what they do a distance, of course. Make sure it's not a workout to flatten your chest(for female readers).

There you go, my ten tips on becoming a Low Cost Superhero. I will dispense more tips in my future blogs….. Till next time :
"Early to bed , early to rise"
"Being a low cost superhero is wise"


~MY~ said...

You might want to buy your DVDs from Shanghai... series costs me CNY4.60 (about RM2 with superb packaging) and movies costs me CNY7 (about RM3) per disc... Also bought Amy Winehouse 2 disc CD for CNY10..way cheaper then download :D


Srikanth Siva said...

Why? why even buy DVD's.....those guys download from the net too right?

classyadele said...

*guffaws with laughter*