Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kok Nasi Kandar, Puchong - Phenomenal Chinese Nasi Kandar

Hidden in Puchong there lies a hawker style Nasi Kandar that can rival the 100 year old Nasi Kandar Hameediyah - based in Penang , birthplace of Nasi Kandar.

Kok Nasi Kandar's Chinese chef is from Penang. I spoke to him in Penang Hokkien and he reciprocated in Penang Hokkien. That's when I knew, his Nasi Kandar will be the same God-like level as Anne-Sophie Pic (3 star Michelin French chef). If only Penang chefs were recognized internationally.

What's missing here is the Michelin Man x 2

Kok Nasi Kandar's fried chicken, fluffy egg and curries are what attracts foodies to his humble little stall. Long lines are formed by 1230PM and he only has 3 -4 helpers. It's worth the crazy wait though.
Two kinds of fried chickens - Large sized drumstick ones and the other parts (wing, breast, etc) See upper right corner
Rice drenched in mixed curries
Mr Kok (I presume) knows exactly how much curry should be in the ladle.The flick of his wrist is akin to Salt BAE's flicking technique
The best way to eat this Nasi Kandar is to take away because all the curries, fried chicken batter crumbs, vegetables, oil, etc will be soaked into the rice.The first mouthful is like a brilliant white light that fills your mouth with an angel in armour standing at the tip of your tongue. That's how dramatic the first taste will be I kid you not.

Location : Use Waze

Monday, December 24, 2018

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is an island one hour away via fast ferry from Langkawi, Malaysia. It is an enchating amazing island with really soft sand and blue sea. I am an expert in soft sands having traveled a bit. From photos, I can determine if the sands are :


b)Coarse and unrefined

c)Soft - the kind where if you throw the sand at your car windscreen, it will flow like water

I have a PHD in microcrystaline quartz and mogalite by the way

Pattaya Beach will have (c)

Sunset Beach will have (a)

Sunrise Beach will have (b)

Pattaya Beach
Pattaya beach
Pattaya Beach
Sunrise Beach
Pattaya Beach
Sunset Beach

The accomodation in Ko Lipe is crazy expensive. Because Ko Lipe is now the go to island, prices have been jacked up 300% which makes it much more expensive than some resorts/hotels in Phuket, Koh Samui and even Manhattan, New York City. Nevertheless, splurge a little will ya.

We did so at Idyllic Concept which cost me an arm and a leg.
Idyllic Concept
Idyllic Concept
Idyllic Concept
Idyllic Couple

I'm gonna summarize what you need to know about Koh Lipe :

There are many operators offering trips to Koh Adang, Koh Tarutao and other beautiful islands nearby. However, you'd have to go with 80 other island hoppers. 72 of em will be Chinese tourists who have never seen the ocean in their life before. Picture the chaos. . ....And it's just only your tour operator. There are probably 30 tour operators on Ko Lipe. Do the math and tell me the meaning of madness.

Walking Street - The best part of Ko Lipe aside from the beaches. Walking Street is a narrow road that spans from Pattaya beach until the solar panel farm(roughly 1km) . Restaurants, bars, 7-11s, crates of Singha/Chang beer, condoms, swimwear, Halal food, tattoo parlours and many more are lined up along this walking street.
This is KM0 of Thailand's sovereignty.The lowest tip of Siam
Fresh seafood
Start of Walking Street
Eating and being shirtless
7-11 Everything You Can Buy

There are scuba diving operators

Don't fear the passport control centre when you arrive at Ko Lipe. It's chaotic but like anywhere in the world, they have their own system and it'll work out at the end.

While, our passports were being processed,
I chilled

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Tall Tall Tall Langganan Falls in Ranau, Sabah

You don't need a group to go to this magnificent waterfall in Poring, Ranau. Do this alone like I did. With Israeli's Waze navigational wunderbar, you can practically find any damn location you want except for the location where they keep the Jimmy Hoffa's body.

Once you reach the gates of the park, inform the ranger on duty. The entrance is RM3.00.
Ranger's hut at the entrance

Don't ask for a guide because the path leading to the waterfall is wide and so so so visible and clear. If you do ask for a guide, get ready to see the ranger roll his eyes in disappointment over how soft you've turn out to be in your life.
Path so wide and clear
Leeches alert!!
At the start of the trail
I forgot to mention that the park also houses a natural hot spring retreat.Every family in Sabah will be there on weekends.E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E
One of the tribituaries

Start early and take a slow stroll. Enjoy the flora. Look up at the canopy. Sabah has some of the best rainforest canopies in the world.
Rainforest canopy

As for wildlife, there are no wild orang utans in this district. Only in the interiors like Tawau, Lahad Datu and Kinabatangan.
Maybe you can see gibbons.
The first 45 minutes can be quite tough. Uphill is always challenging. You will have to cross a stream in front of a small sized waterfall.
Small sized waterfall.Take a break.Remove leeches.Refill your bottle with this safe-to-drink river water
Sign to Langganan Falls

After that, just follow the path for another hour or so and you will reach Langganan Falls. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
It's quite impossible to take the full length of this waterfall alone. I used a tripod and place the tripod at a lower terrain, press the timer and went through 43 trial and errors until I got the perfect photo

Friday, December 21, 2018

Magnificent View of Mt Kinabalu At Kg Sangkir, Kota Belud, Sabah

Background of Mt Kinabalu
There is a place in Kota Belud, Sabah called Kampung Sangkir. The entire area is cultivated with padi fields and therefore, you can have an unobstructed view of Mount Kinabalu which can only be visible in the morning.

By 9am until 4pm, clouds would have covered the majestic mountain.

Not knowing the place well, I arrived at 4PM and drove around the padi fields to scout for a place to pitch my tent. I need some alone time. On my own with beatific and insidious thoughts.


I pitched a tent overnight and little did I know, Kampung Sangkir is also another place for star gazing. Trillion of stars for your eyes to feast on.
There is literally no one in this area except for one or two villagers who will fish at one of the many canals.
Whatever you do, don't swim or take a bath at the canal. It looks inviting but according to one villager I met, he said that rashes will develop all over your body if you submerge yourself into the canal water.

Having a cuppa
Nice right?
You can pitch your tent on the road
Canned sardines and coffee at the break of dawn

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thresher Sharks in Malapascua Island, Philippines

Mention Malapascua Island and two words come to mind - Thresher Shark. This is the only place where divers are able to consistently spot thresher sharks with a 99.7 percentage. That's pretty high considering sharks actually swim and the ocean is a huge ass place. Monad Shoal is the dive site to be in to view these magnificent creatures.

It's quite a bitch to travel to Malapascua from Kuala Lumpur. Thank God for the newly opened Air Asia 3 hour direct flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Cebu. Three hours to fly to Cebu.
Cebu Island
Have someone from the Malapascua Island dive centre pick you up from Cebu International Airport and drive you back to the island. This land journey is exactly 4 hours through 2 lane roads , construction and pesky lorries complete with jeepneys.Do tell your driver stop at a petrol kiosk convinience store and buy snacks because it's a long road ahead
San Mig
. The scenery along the way is meh.

By the time you arrive at the pier (sunset), you need to take another 30 minute bangka boatride to Malapascua Island. If the timing is right, a nice sunset hue will emerge as the bangka sails along the open sea.

Ride towards Malapascua Island
Filipino Bangka
Filipino Bangka
Before I continue on, the worst job anyone can have is probably the van driver from the pier. He's got to travel back and forth on a daily basis. How crazy is that???
Anyway, we arrived at had dinner. Generally, Pinoy food ain't the most delicious food on the planet. Be it their local or Westernized food - it's bad.
Bad to the bone

There are many dive centres on Malapascua Island. We chose a locally based Dive Centre. While the main highlight are thresher sharks, there are a good amount of critters found here as well especially the one and only rare psychedelic frogfish. Apparently, there are a lot of frogfish species here. You must not miss diving at Gato Island.2 hours away from Malapascua and the diving there is quite good especially the swim throughs and encountering sharks.
Gato Island cliff jumping spot
It's freaking high. At least a 5 second freefall duration.
Wear clothes while jumping off the cliff because you'll be stung by jellyfishes
Pee on my arm !!!

Here's a video of the magnificent thresher shark :