Monday, June 2, 2008

True Stories

1. I was caught drunk driving in Jln Raja Chulan after a heavy drinking session at Hard Rock Cafe. I told the cops it was my first week working in KL and before that. I've never been outside of Kelantan. Also, I told them I had to entertain some major clients. My Kelantanese accent, address on my IC and car number plate pretty much convinced them. I was let go with a warning and the next day, I still drove under the influence of alcohol. It happened 5 days ago.

2. When one of my ex girlfriend broke up with me, I had to return back her VCD player. Little did she know, I painstakingly removed the warranty sticker without causing any tear, opened up the casing of the VCD player and had some internal wires cut.
3. One time, my boss was discussing work with me and I opened up an existing document in Microsoft Word for reference. He wanted to read the last page, so I pressed Page Down. He said " Press Ctrl End" to go directly to the last page.
Instead, I pressed "Ctrl N". Not once but several several times and new blank pages kept opening. Microsoft Word made me look like a damn fool. You can't blame me, Windows has a million short keys. Try pressing "Windows Icon + M". Bet you didn't know that.

4. I was in KLIA queing up with 9 other strangers frustratingly waiting for our long awaited taxis. Then, an employee from the Duty Free shop came near the queue and asked " Siapa tertnggal botol arak di kaunter tadi?" I looked around, nobody was responding and 2 nano seconds later I said "Ohh, sorry bang, saya tertinggal tadi. Lupa. Terima kasih ya".The chap cooly pass it to me like it was mine.I went home with a free Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

5. I was conned by a perfume conman in Cairo.

No one knows about these stories except moi. What's yours?


classyadele said...

dont forget KARMA ay.
Btw - i think u still have my RAW DVD. U peddled it off to the Abang at the pirated DVD stand in SS2 market liao?

Srikanth Siva said...

At Starbucks in the US and they asked me for my name, and I gave it to them while they took my order. When the drink was ready, they yelled out "Cibai, your Coffee Frapuccino is ready"

I was the only one snickering. To all the other Americans around, I was Cibai.