Monday, December 8, 2008

Singapore International Marathon 2008

On Friday, 4th December, I had dinner with my arch nemesis at Bangsar. He proceeded to tell me that he will be going to Singapore the next day to participate in the Singapore International Marathon. Two of his friends can't make it but had already registered, so he asked me to join in with him for the 21km category. I asked him a few details like accomodation and transportation and by 10pm, I agreed to join him on the chartered bus the next morning.
Skyline of Singapore

With regards to accomodation, since we were both ultra cheapskates, it was unacceptable for us to part with our RM150 for a few hours sleep in a hotel nearby the marathon venue. We factored in a few things. We will arrive in Singapore at 2pm. Then, we will be collecting the bibs at 5pm and a dinner will be given out by 7pm. So, naturally, we had to kill time from 9pm to 4am(7 hours). Now, because our frugal minds cannot process the thought of paying RM150 for a measly 7 hours, we hung out at Clarke Quay and killed time until the break of dawn. That's right. We partied at Clarke Quay until 4am and staggered back to our friend's hotel lobby at 5am just in time to change into our sports gear.

So with no training whatsoever and no sleep, there I was, ready to run 21km around Singapore at an allocated time given. Let me blog a little bit about the Singapore International Marathon. There was at least 50000 participants in this marathon. That's like half of the population in Singapore. Anyway, we were flagged off at the Esplanade and you could see all shapes and sizes of participants. I didn't paarticularly looked at the males but I was concentrating on the females.

I just love skimpy marathon appparels on women. My next invention will be a marathong and I will leave it to your imagination for this clothing invention of mine.

Sorry I digress a little bit. Anyway, we were flagged off at 630am
Arch nemesis and I at the start of the race

and we ran past a few iconic monuments of Singapore like the Espanade, the Singapore Eye and loads more.
The Singapore Eye

At the end, I completed the race in 3 hours 15 minutes. It was alright for someone who didn't train or had ample rest.
Completed my 2nd international marathon in a year

This was me 20 minutes after the marathon

Take it easy doc

You recalcitrant fool.Nobody goes to Clarke Quay and drink beer the night before the half marathon.Argghhhhh

Met Paula Malai Ali at the Star Sports booth. I had actually wanted to stalk Georgina Chang of The Tennis Show but I settled for Paula
Fellow runners

How can one be so injured in a marathon?What a softie

I believe this race was too crowded. And Singapore being a small country, I should have anticipated the amount of people. Do you know how small Singapore is?

Singapore is so small that the organizers of the Singapore Marathon initially requested that Yong Peng be included in their 42km route because Singapore lacked the land space.

Singapore is so small that when someone inside a HDB flat squeezes the toothpaste, it immediately comes straight out through the bathroom window.

Singapore is so small that when a collision happens between a trishaw and a bicycle, there is major traffic congestion in the entire Pan Island Expressway, Bukit Timah Expressway and the Kranji Expressway.

Singapore is like a Vincci warehouse sale on the last day. Crowded,cramped and stuffy.

Steve Jobs from Apple announced that Apple will make an Ipod even smaller than the Ipod Nano. Apple's calling it the Ipod Singapore.

Please add your own "Singapore is so small" joke. The funniest will receive a Sara Bareilles CD.


Azealea Dz said...

yeah, it's so small that u dared to participate in it's marathon in the 1st place ;)
hey, where's d speedo lah?

Teoh Yew Aun said...

I should have worn the speedo.
I thought about it and I was afraid I might get hauled up for public indecency and create another row between Malaysia and Singapore. You never with these Singaporeans.
Good joke.

Srikanth Siva said...

Singapore is so small....that my penis appears larger there

thehappybunny said...

hey, i was there too! if you saw somebody running with tiger ears, that was me!

is that raj?

morganbee said...

hehe...that's quite a blog abt the marathon. was so surprise how could u manage to have so much energy the next day w/o any sleep the nite b4? hebatlah u ni...

anyway, singapore is so small that when singaporeans fart, ppl in malaysia also can hear the sound & smell it...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

the facts in your blog are grossly distorted shih's blog is more accurate

Teoh Yew Aun said...

I admit my facts are distorted.