Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Odd Yet Charming Looking Church In Rural Borneo

There was a time where I had to travel to Bakun - yes the Bakun Dam for work. Although I could have taken a flight from KL to Bintulu and from Bintulu to Bakun would probably take 3 hours only, I opted for the 12 hour drive from Kuching to Bintulu via the Trans Borneo Highway.
Along the tranquil and lonesome TransBorneo highway

After driving for 5 hours, I thought I was seeing mirages because I spotted this white building on top of a hill which looked slightly peculiar. It had a candle looking structure to it. Curious, I made a U Turn and drove the 4WD to investigate further and I saw this :
What is that?

Odd but fascinating

Candle Church

Legend has it that a lady from Sibu was on her way to Kuching for a cancer medical treatment. And she did not receive good news from her doctors. On her way back, she stopped by this very spot to answer nature's call. While attending to nature's call, she heard a voice telling her that everything will be alright. She went to the doctors again in afew months time for another checkup and this time, her doctors could not find anything wrong. Miraculous. Hence, with this new found blessing, she built a church to commemorate her divine encounter with the higher being.


Azealea Dz said...

but why a candle?? why not a...erm... i dunno..a mushroom maybe? ;) nope. a bad idea, papa smurf n family would be infesting the church then. hmm..candle is the best design then.

Joleen said...

awesome church! built in the middle of no where somemore