Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perhentian Island Challenge 2009

Well, this was my third year participating in the annual Perhentian Island Challenge event. This time, I took the bus with a bunch of fellow participants and we were flagged off from KL to begin our 8 hour journey to Besut. Eventhough I had 2 seats to myself, sleeping was a major problem. I don't think a Cirque De Soleil contortionist can be comfortable in those seats either.

This year's race course only consists of one island - Perhentian Kecil which meant the organizers excluded the kayakking discipline. Oh how I love kayakking to and fro both islands at 2pm. That is when Perhentian really exudes her natural beauty. Anyway, the course had an 11km track which included trail running, 600m swim and a 500 step climb up to the twin wind turbines.

As usual, I was in my red speedos to the delight of everyone. I could hear the men saying "Alaaaa, speedo merah dia lagi tahun ni...." and the women "I wanna rip those speedos off with my mouth".

Red Speedo lagi

Pas de comment

We were flagged off at 1030am and as usual, we ran through trails that led us to Long Beach, Bubu Resort, Petani Chalet and the main village. I brought my camera along and captured some stunning shots of the Perhentian coastline.
4 minutes

Look at my semangat run

Nuff said

11am view of Perhentian Besar

Running by Petani Chalet

Undisclosed location of Perhentian

Fill up my CamelBak ladies!!

How many hours more to go??

While we were deep in the jungle and following the trails, sometimes we would encounter some participants running on the opposite direction and when I asked, they said they missed a checkpoint or two. Boy, will they suffer for their ignorance and lack of listening abilities during the race course briefing.

Another thing I noticed was that when I catch up with other participants in the jungle, I feel like I've made contact with The Others ala Lost.

By the time, I reached D Lagoon resort, it was 230pm. 4 hours have passed and with no training whatsoever before the race, cramps were apparent on my right leg. From D Lagoon, we were supposed to swim all the way to the shores at the bottom of the twin wind turbines. Halfway through the swim(awesome blue waters), my leg started to freeze up and aunt agony took over. Like a man, I took the pain....I took the pain for 2 minutes and after that, the cramps subsided for me to continue. I limped all the way through the 500 steps and occasionally, I'd look behind to absorb the most magnificent sight throughout the entire race. If you've been to Gunung Mat Chincang in Langkawi and was in awe with the view, you'll get exactly that when you're at the twin wind turbines.

How awesome is this?

500 Steps To The Twin Wind Turbines...Look at the view behind.The swim route was from the cove hidden from the photo

My facial expression : Shock and awe

I finally crossed the finishing line at 3pm with much funfare. We were shipped back to our tents and at around 6pm, a storm approached and unleashed hell. I felt like the campers in the Blair Witch Project with all the chaos going around outside of the tent. Most importantly, I got the best seats to watch the fireworks they usually have at the end of the ceremony.
I'm In Blood, Should I Wade No More, Returning Were As Tedious As To Go Over

Best seats to watch a 4 minute splendid fireworks

Join me at PIC 2010. This invitation only goes out to the ladies.


jonie said...

congrats to the new speedos for surviving the challenge!!!

Anonymous said...

Speedo man! You are a legend in my eyes and an inspiration. I can't believe I found your blog.

Keep those red Speedos running good sir!