Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arguably The Most Dramatic Waterfall In Malaysia (Berkelah Waterfall)


Never have I seen such a beautiful, powerful and impressive waterfall in my life. I am talking about Berkelah Waterfalls. What's great about this waterfall is that it's only 2 hours from KL and a relatively easy trek. However, if it rains, I do not suggest any excursions there. That is because you need to trek on pencil thin ledges and you all know how to complete the sentence.

The beginning

Do start early because again, you all know how to complete the sentence. Don't go on weekends because it'll get crowded with hordes of people making peace signs when their pictures are taken. I'd rather listen to Andrew Ridgeley's(of Wham fame) solo album than to see that spectacle.

Anyway, the best part of the journey are the pools that you find along the way. Emerald pools like these below :
Emerald pool

Jump in

Be's deep

Perfect Pool

Arguably the best ass in Malaysia

Video Of Berkelah Fall


Anonymous said...

nice...skinny dipping! ;)

jonie said...

:) nice waterfall.. nicer butt

Chang Boon said...

Some feisty lady ripped off your red speedo with their mouth??

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Correcto mundo

Deb said...

There i was ... scrolling down... and aiks! butt naked!hhahaha.. cute!