Monday, August 3, 2009

Perhentian Islands 2009

I was in Perhentian Island last week to do my Advance Open Water course with Seahorse Divers. Also, I was trying out my new wetsuit which I bought for a steal in a crazy 80% sale.
Trying on my new Mares wetsuit

Briefing by Nurul the divemaster on our ship wreck dive

Geared up

Let's go let's go

This time, my dives will take me to a ship wreck fondly named Sugar Wreck by the Perhentian Island people. Maybe it was carrying sugar when it sank. When I descended into the surroundings of the wreck, it was pretty scary I have to admit. Huge beam structures, the cargo hull, the stern all covered with corals clearly screams eerie. I saw my first shark species on this dive and also some lion fishes and a mother and daughter cuttlefishes. How do I know their sex? I don't.
Eerie looking wreck

A MARES walking advertisment

Later, I had to clean a fish pond as part of the Advanced Open Water syllabus. This is tough!!!!!
What a hassle!!

Poor fishy.You'll be in soon
Just kidding. I clean the fish pond voluntarily. No such syllabus in PADI.

At 3pm , I went for another compulsory dive which is called the drift and deep diving. This dive brings me to the deepest depths of my dives and was given some mathematical equation to solve when I was at 32metres underwater. This was to test my logic and rational thinking at that depth and also to see how affected I am with my
nitrogen levels. I solved this mathematical equation underwater :

After passing the test, my dive instructor and I went to look for seahorses. They're as big as your normal stapler(in length and width) and so adorable. I think I can identify with seahorses because they're always a solitary creature. Everywhere I go, I only see a seahorse and their home is not even in between corals or anything like that. Imagine the seabed filled with sand and nothing else and then you see a lone little pinky finger size coral, the seahorse will be there. When I peered closer to look, I think I heard the song "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen.
When I Was Young, I Never Needed Anyone, Making Love Was Just for Fun, Those Days Are Gone....All By Myself..Don't Wanna Be All By Myself....

By 5pm I was done and I hung out with my rubber duckie by the beach. That's what a man needs - a man and his rubber duckie.
A grown man and his rubber duckie

Rubber duckie and his new found friend

The next day, on a bright sunny morning, I practised my juggling skills which I had long abandoned. It was really fun to juggle the 3 balls in a wide open area and the surroundings were just awesome. Apparently, I'm still not too bad in my juggling skills. Check it out :
Juggling in Perhentian

On the way back, I saw this solar phenomenon. A halo type ring around the sun. I caught it on video and coincidentally, it was also the papers. Check it out:
Rare phenomenon

Finally, I am going to introduce my travel agent when it comes to my trips to Perhentian Island. I've been using the services of Mr Sani of Perhentian Sunny Travel Sdn Bhd for the past 6 years and I've never had any failed speedboat and accomodation arrangements so far. Sani is reliable and will be there even if you take the 730am boat. Use my name if you do business with him and for that, he will buy you a teh o beng while waiting for you speedboat.
Call Sani at 0199444563


Claire said...

Very interesting entry. Did you take the photo of the shipwreck yourself? It looks like a shot from Titanic. Did you manage to find any antique treasure from the wreck? The seahorse looks cute too. I hope you left it alone in peace...

Maria said...

Seahorses rock. I saw a whole bunch of them at the Songkhla Aquarium, just curling and uncurling their tails around the plants, bobbing around and thinking little seahorsey thoughts in their little seahorsey brains.

Those islands look great. And they're not too far from KB, are they? Hmmm...

MyChoice Editor said...

Dude, prove you that I haven't thrown out the address that you gave me last nite. What with the math stuff, lol.

Chang Boon said...

Mr. Explorer, so when is your next update about your dives? Is there any place you haven't been to? Gosh..I read thru your old postings at other sites. Nile, San Diego, Manila, Red Sea etc. I think you've been to almost every continent on earth! I am wondering how come you're still not pokai by now :P

Andy Lua said...

Love you blog bro....log on to for more photos of diving in perhentian island...and for free info about perhentian island...