Monday, August 31, 2009

Inpenetrable Boulders

In my previous blog(, I visited this enchating paradise in the East Coast. Last weekend I went again in hopes of getting through the boulders that lay in between me and what I hope was the ultimate paradise because from Google Earth, the view was amazing. Large pools and numerous numerous waterfalls. Check this out from Google Earth.

Remember the whirlpool in my previous blog?

Awesomeness after the boulders

The boulders, some as huge as a 2 storey high building strecthed as long as 150metres. In between, there were rapids. Some were strong and some were mild. Natural caves form when these boulders are atop each other and more.
Beautiful sky in the background

There were four directions I attempted. The first was through a jungle trail and it led me nowhere. Plus I really hate jungle trails that has not had any human activities before. Next, I tried the most left hand side of the boulders. This too proved futile as the rocks were stacked in an unbelievable position for any humans to get across unless work in Cirque Du Soleil as an acrobat.
Getting a grip

Finding a way through!!!

The middle section too proved impossible to get through. On the outer most right section, there's an awesome pool and 2 mini waterfalls.
Awesome pool in between some boulders

I took a dip, rested and strategized on my next move.
and pretty much found what I hope was a clearing to the other side of the boulders. I did not proceed further as the day was coming to an end and my bagpack including my tent were ridiculously heavy after being soaked.
Pondering my next move

Meditating.Notice the smoke rising from the rocks

Rejected and humiliated by nature, I trudged back to my previous campsite and this time I brought along a fishing rod. In my entire life, I've only caught one fish and it was an Ikan Duri. Ikan Duri is a fish nobody wants to catch and is a waste of bait. The last time I went fishing was 8 years ago in Kuantan, Pahang. The bait I used were crickets and fettucini. Yes, fettucini. I made fettucini pasta for lunch and because fettucini pasta shapes looked like wriggly worms, I thought I tried them out. And what do you know. I caught a fish for the second time in my entire life and it was a beautiful Malaysian kelah.
My second fish in my entire life

Kelah?Any fish will do

Here's a short video on more fishes I caught.

Words cannot express the feeling of reeling in a fish. In my case, I was estatic. However, I always release the fishes after I catch them. Watch this video:
Catch and Release Program

I should be going back on one of these days and this time, I'm inviting any of you readers of my blog out there to join me in this expedition. So if you think you have the stamina and semangat, drop me a line and we'll see.


Pak Zawi said...

After you are done exploring this waterfall, I will show you another beautiful waterfall callaed lata Janggut near Kesedar Sungai Long.

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Hi Pak Zawi,
I believe Lata Janggut is an awesome fall. I just fooled around near the cascades where most people go. I think there is a trail further up to the falls. Do show me when I've fixed a schedule and if you have any pictures of the actual fall, that'll be great.

Chang Boon said...

Ok Kelate boy, when's your next post? I see that you just visited another one in Borneo.