Monday, May 11, 2009

World's Highest Via Ferrata

I was asked to meet my Via Ferrata guide at 730am somewhere mear Low's Peak. Two other participants were supposed to meet me but when I met them, they informed me that they were unable to continue their Via Ferrata experience due to fatigue from summiting Mt Kinabalu. So it was just me and my Via Ferrata guide. I chose Low's Peak circuit which is a detour down Low's Peak to explore hidden corners of the mountain plateau. This activity is said to be 4-5 hours but with just me alone, the guide said it should no less than 3 hours.
Carabiners checked, harness checked, helmet checked,balls of steel checked. My Via Ferrata experience begins......
Defying gravity at Mt Kinabalu

Excellent view from the side of the mountain


One must own good hiking shoes for a situation like this

Getting ready to cross the bridge

At the bridge

Enjoying the view

Balance, baby, balance

The bridge I crossed earlier

After an hour plus, a much needed is the side of the mountain plateau

Above the clouds

Laban Rata on my right

Started on Low's Peak and ended at the steps to Laban Rata..3 hours

A satisfied man

To be honest, I did not want the experience to end. I was in every nook and cranny of the mountain and to be there was just unbelievable. The view from those spots is breathtaking and it shall forever be etched in my memory. Via Ferrata really rocks.


Flower Power Freak said...

congrats to get it done in only 3hours time.. n lucky to hve good weather with fantastic view :D
next trip, diving aitee!!

see ya soon =)


Joleen said...

wa.. y r u always naked? in the cold mountains summore?

Collett's Mountain Holidays said...

Congratulations the Via Ferrata Photos are great please consider uploading them to our Via Ferrata Fan Page on Facebook -

Teoh Yew Aun said...

It got pretty warm. I was wearing a thick jacket and 3 layers of clothing underneath. By 8am, it got pretty warm. But there is a danger to being shirtless. You could scrap your body on the surface of the mountain or the cable could slice you open if you're not careful.

Flipper said...

Great mountain adventure, wish I had done that during my trip to Mt. K

Alexis Delon said...

interesting, didn't know there were other paths up Mt Kinabalu
btw, i like the waterfall story from somewhere around Simpang Pulai, hope you can provide more pics of undiscovered un-polluted places.

Azealea Dz said...

ya la teoh..i must go again, this time via ferrata.. hope to get lucky again for the sunny wther like u! n i would love to go topless like u as well. ahahahhaa

(p/s: i pity your guide had to take your every step pic.hahahah)