Thursday, June 4, 2009


Recently, I was given the opportunity to showcase an innovative outdoor product by Vestergaard Frandsen The LifeStraw is basically a portable water filter which means if you find any water source in the wilderness, you are able to use the LifeStraw for water consumption. The LifeStraw filters a minimum of 700 litres of water, enough for one person and will last for one year. The LifeStraw also kills 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 98.5%of viruses. And the best thing is that I need not carry my CamelBak water container/pouch for my outdoor trips anymore. Camelbaks can really weigh me down when I'm outdoors.

I haven't been outdoors for 3 weeks since I came back from my awesome Via Ferrata trip and was itching to do so. I chose my favourite nearby to Kuala Lumpur venue, the rock canyons and went camping overnight. I brought along my usual camping equipment and also my LifeStraw hung cooly from my neck.
taking a break

As I was setting up camp, I noticed a weird looking insect atop a log.
Creepy insect

Can anyone identify this insect for me?

After setting up camp, I took a break to read my favourite Action Asia magazine. This magazine compiles the coolest adventures in Asia and reading it in the wilderness makes it more significant.
Feet rinsed by cool flowing water and reading Action Asia

After the break, I got a bit thirsty and off I went to the bank of the river to try out the LifeStraw. I dipped the edge of the device into the water and sucked on the other end. Water that is sucked through the straw first passes through a mesh of 100-micrometer spaces, then through a mesh of 15-micrometer spaces. Water then passes through a chamber with iodine-coated beads, killing remaining bacteria. The water passes through an empty chamber, then finally passes through active carbon, removing the iodide taste and medium-sized bacteria. The entire process is powered by regular sucking, similar to using a conventional drinking straw, and filters up to 700 liters of water.
LifeStraw close up

LifeStraw in action

Using LifeStraw at the entrance of the canyon

Using LifeStraw in the canyons

I love my LifeStraw

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