Monday, May 4, 2009

Obtained My Open Water PADI Diving Certificate

Open Water PADI Diver

ABT - About bloody time I took up diving. I've always admired people like the late Jacques Cousteau and Dr Bob Ballard(He found the Titanic) for their contributions towards oceanography.I've always been comfortable with water since young as I was always jumping off from the wooden jetty into Sungai Golok back in Kelantan. Just kidding. However, I was already swimming by 8 years old.

Afters years of putting off diving, I finally made up my mind to get my license. I arrived in KB in the morning and had one of ze best nasi lauk for breakfast with my loving parents who knows my taste buds at the back of their palm. Driving to Besut took me 45 minutes and by 11am, I was already on the island to begin my academics of diving. I think nobody likes this part but it is essential for knowledge and safety once you're underwater. I watched the video and read from the manual all day long. Jumping into the clear blue waters every time it got slightly hot.
Video studying


Day Two
I was taught the scuba gears and mechanism. BCD, Regulators, LPI hose, etc. My instructor, Sean from the UK brought me to shallow waters and for the first time in my life, I took a breath ...underwater. Hang on a minute, I am wiping a single tear that is rolling down my cheek. It had such a calming effect after a few minutes. But then, I was asked to clear my mask with some fancy technique. Now, that is scary. You learn all your life to breath in through your nose but this time, I had to breath in through my mouth and exhale through my nose ...underwater...and not on the surface of the water like snorkellers do. I panicked slightly but got the job done and my instructor gave me an OK signal and shook my hand. Everything is so graceful underwater, even a handshake and a fist bump. 2 hours later, I went on my first real 18metres dive. i saw marine life like
These are some of the marine life I saw :
Titan triggerfish
Yellow boxfish
Blue spotted ribbon tail ray

Sneaky batfish
Angel fish


Day Three
I went for 3 more dives around Perhetian Island and it took 45 minutes for each dives. And after every dive, I had to carry the weights, the scuba tank, the BCD and walk past snorkellers. I hate to admit it but I sure did feel a bit sorry for snorkellers now.
Suiting up

Coming back from 2nd dive

Day Four
Graduation day. My amazing instructor, Sean gave me my application form for the PADI card and congratulated me for my efforts. He did a great job as well.
Anyway, do I like diving? Absolutely!!! IN fact, I'm planning my next dive in 2 weeks time.
Perhentian Island jetty

Perhentian on a pale moonlight


HuonHengChai said...

Congrats! Way to go mate

Joleen said...

Do you always have to take your little red skivvies with u? What cam you use for the underwater shots?

Teoh Yew Aun said...

I used Google Images for the pictures ler. Just depicting what kind of marine life I saw.