Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazing Rock Canyons

River trekking is one of my favourite past times. Nothing makes me happier and utterly satisfied than to see a crystal clear river flowing gently in the midst of the rainforest. Add to that some fishes darting in and out under the roots of trees growing on the banks and a few fallens logs and stand alone boulders just for some cascading effects. How nature works is brilliant.
I absorbed all of that in this solo trip after trekking against the river flow for more than an hour in search of a mysterious canyon. My Tevas was stretched to the limit but Tevas being Tevas, they performed beautifully in these kind of conditions.
Already reaching the one hour limit and alone, I was going to give myself another half an hour to explore until I notice the rocks on both sides of the river bank getting larger and larger.
What's at the corner?

RIght at the end was a corner and when I reached the corner, I knew I have found what I was looking for:

As I proceeded inwards, the water became deeper and extremely colder. A waterfall right at the end of the canyon was one of the reason for the cold water as well as the covered surroundings. Water was just surging out from the narrow path and making my way towards the waterfall was impossible. However, I could only reached 150 metres from the waterfall as the surge was too great. I could barely hold on to the rocks for stability and once I let go, I was swept away by the current out of the canyon to the flowing river.
In awe
Deep and mysterious

One part of the canyon clearly projected a biblical shaft.A biblical shaft to my definition is a visible ray of sunlight. Imagine you're in a church or mosque and a ray of light shines through the window, thus creating a ray of light...... it's hard to explain but you get the idea.
My biblical Shaft


Andy said...

Hey.. nice captions you've got there! Where exactly is this place? I think I've seen it before on our local tv station.

braving jaja said...

if its near Lata Kijang (N9), i think its called Jeram Berungut..

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Betul Betul

Andy said...

Hi Teoh.. How to get there? Any specific directions?
How deep is the water? I'm short.. probably need a life jacket! hahaha

Jiggee Jon said...

Nice trekking homeboy, will look you up next time I'm up for a sojourn to a peaceful spot.

Miss Farina said...

omg.. that canyons are just amazing.. that waken up my impulse to hike and hunt waterfalls.

May Heng said...

Hi. I'm joining a group to this place on 17 May. Thanks for your sharing. Just wondering how you managed the selfies since you were alone. :)

Ron said...

Hi how do I find this place? Anyone can help?