Monday, April 20, 2009

Maiden Exploration

Me and my trustee Lafuma pole

I love hiking alone. I love the sense of adventure and most importantly, I am able to engage nature at a personal level. Although at times, it can be scary when you're walking alone and then suddenly, you hear an uncommon noise coming from the nearby bushes or when you stumble across a couple of wild boar footprints or worst, feline type footprints.

Recently, I met with a fellow hiker who, also like me, enjoys travelling alone. But I believe he's a bit more daring than me and might I add, a bit crazier. For example, if I come across a junction trail in the forest, I would just turn the hell back. Mr Lim (that's his name) will just push forward and if the trail leads nowhere, he'll return to the junction and use the other trail. For that, he has my respect.

During our blind date, he proposed to look for an unknown waterfall deep in the jungles of our country and assured me that this waterfall may be known only to the Orang Asli community and few local residents. I snatched up this offer and went back to watch Man Vs Wild Season 3 to get myself all pumped up.

Last Saturday, we left for our maiden exploration together. Our trekking first lead us to a stream with large boulders and a clearing that spans downstream with lush jungles on both sides of the river bank. This was heaven to me and Lim. If I was travelling alone, this would be my final destination and I would be contented with it. That's because I would not have the balls to go deeper into the wilderness alone. Hey, I'm no Bear Grylls. I'm just Ah Beh Teoh from Kelate.
I wish I had boulders for balls

An hour into the trek, we came across two bridges that spanned the river. These bridges can be called the crooked bridge because it is crooked on one side. And instead of concrete and wood, the two bridges are made out of vines and bamboo shoots. Yes, vines. And it had the Penang bridge cable lookalike as well. It was exciting and thrilling as we crossed the precarious bridge, A vine or two snapped, the bamboos creaked and the roar of the river down below you can't even hear yourself talk. Now, that's adventure.
After an exhausting 3 hours, we arrived at a mini waterfall with a gigantic pool to dip our tired bodies in. What an amazing place this is.
Awesome mini waterfall


Just imagine something out of a Brokeback Mountain scene: secluded, quiet and private. This is Lim, by the way


After a pleasant rest, we trudged on to our destination and after another hour, we arrived at our destination. A pristine, immaculate, untouched waterfall.
Nice right

S Waterfall

Deep pool


Andy said...

Nice place! Where's it Teoh?
I remember seeing you in Star Paper. Am a fan of reading your outdoor adventures!
Do keep posting more of your experiences.

Teoh Yew Aun said...

Allo Andy,

Thanks. The place was in Simpang Pulai region. There are many other unexplored places there. Will let you know when will be our next trip.