Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1300km of East West Highway, Banding Lake & 7 Waterfalls Part 3

I headed off for our final leg of the East West highwat epic journey. The Gua Musang - Simpang Pulai route.

Gua Musang boasts the tallest waterfall in South East Asia , Stong Falls and I was raring to go. However, it started raining heavily and instead, I opted for Lata Berangin, also another powerful waterfall in the Gua Musang district. It is quite difficult to get to Lata Berangin since there were no signages around. I had to stop every few km and ask strangers for

directions.Most of them knows the place but do not know how to get there. Their usual answer is "Mu belok kiri,pahtu lalu gertok(BTW, the word gertok means bridge in Kelantanese), sapa situ tanyo ore kapung". And that's what I did. I asked kids, granfathers, grandmothers until I reached the destination.
Budok kapung

Along the way, I spotted a small sign "Jeram Pauh". A sudden brake and a reverse later, I find myself driving towards Jeram Pauh much to the annoyance of YC.
Jeram Pauh

After Jeram Pauh, I finally reached the entrance of Lata Berangin. Before entering the junction,I was told that the road leading to the falls is now closed due to landslides and just totally inaccessible. I have driven this far deep in the heart of Gua Musang and be told I couldn't access due to landlsides!!Screw it. Life is short.The heavy rain at that time made matters worse.
Landslide Pertama
Landslide No.2

I reached Lata Berangin after braving through 6 landslides and it was well worth it because only one word can describe Lata Berangin - Majestic.

I didn't spend a lot of time there due to obvious reasons and headed to the next waterfall, Lata Rek. By golly, this waterfall was even more majestic than Lata Berangin. It was only 11am and I've seen two majestic waterfalls already. I heart Kelantan.
Lata Rek

I was now on our way back to KL using the Gua Musang - Simpang Pulai highway. There's not much publicity being thrown towards this 300km stretch of desolated road and because of that you can only see 2 -3 cars every 15 minutes. To be honest, I can't really relate to this highway because I have a nostalgic natural bonding towards the Gerik - Jeli one. However, in this highway, there are several bridges that cuts across huge rivers , something which the latter does not possess.
Huge river
Red River

After passing by Cameron Highlands, there were a number of waterfalls on the right hand side of the highway which I explored a bit vowing to return some other time.
Like a kid who wandered into Disneyland

You do see a lot of hill segmentation to make way for farming and vegetable sites and that wasn't easy on my eyes.
I stopped by Ipoh for some excellent chicken rice to fill our bellies before leaving for KL.
Yummy Ipoh chicken rice

I'm glad I took this trip right here in Malaysia. There's so much to see and explore in this awesome country of ours.

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