Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gerehang Falls

After a long hiatus with the country’s No.1 waterfall expert, we finally teamed up again to visit a not so known waterfall in the area of Tanjung Malim. Nobody would really know the place of this waterfall unless they spent copious and copious amount of time on Google Earth which I believe No.1 did so. He told me that he has zoomed, panned and tilted every inch of the Peninsula Malaysia Google Earth map to look for unknown waterfalls. Took him 2 years for that effort. Everybody - take a moment to salute this outstanding gentleman and that is why he is the No.1 Waterfall Hunter in Malaysia
Malaysia's No.1 Waterfall Hunter(Left)
Tanjung Malim is pretty near to KL. It is only a half an hour’s drive from Damansara. The Proton factory is there as well as a university too. I would say Tanjung Malim borders Selangor. But do not let the close proximity to Damansara fool you. The Tanjung Malim interior jungles actually has some of the wildest animals roaming around.
No.1 and I parked where most people park when they visit Strata Falls. Prior to this space, there is a housing area called Diamond Creeks whereby individual bungalows were built more than 10 years ago. Some units are occupied but majority are not. It lies in disrepair and looks quite creepy. But the solitude..oh the solitude and the close proximity to nature is so alluring.
I feel like buying one. But I reckon there’s no Internet or cell coverage in that area.

Anyway, we parked and started walking and within 45 minutes, we saw our first wildlife - a family of wildboar which bolted straight into the jungle the moment our eyes locked. I could also see No.1’s right hand on the handle of the parang already.
Nearly a quarter way in, we had to river trek and from afar, we could see some sort of a natural crossing made by animals from one bank to another. As we inched closer, we saw ….TIGER PAW PRINTS on the sandbank. Imagine the fear as we continued our journey. These big cats could lunge from the side and suprise us. Scary !!!
Look at the size of the paw
Mulitple tiger paw prints
The trek took us close to 2 hours when we finally reached the Gerehang Falls.
No.1's camera had a 30 second timer function
The upper falls
Just arrived
Making coffee
No.1 climbing to the peak

I love going to waterfalls with No.1 because we are able to talk about anything in the world from microscopic lens, satellite networks, beetles and more but ultimately, we would always talk about location and characteristics of waterfalls. We are geeks !!!

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Joe said...

Those are likely tapir prints. Easily mistaken for tiger.