Sunday, November 8, 2009

Radiation Exposure

You've heard of housing areas complaining about telecommunication towers being erected nearby their humble abodes. They're afraid of electromagnetic radiation spillovers that may cause bodily harm. Think Chernobyl?
As I work in the telecommunications industry, I am pretty much exposed to radiation everyday but the dosages are not harmful according to the International Telecommunications Union(ITU).
Satellite Earth Station

Recently, I had to climb into a very large satellite antenna dish for some technical intervention and the electromagnetic waves for one of these babies is ten times higher than the telecommunications towers you see by the roadside.

The moment I stepped inside,
I grew another pair of hands

ITU, you need to relook into your rules and regulations about electromagnetic radiation! It's not that I'm unhappy that I grew another pair of hands, but I wished that something else grew if you know what I mean.

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