Monday, November 24, 2008

A Trip Back To Kota Bharu, Tanah Tumpah Darahku

Serambi Mekah - The Icon of Kota Bharu

Before leaving for Kota Bharu, I was in Perhentian Island for a few days. Here
are some pictures captured on that island.
I'm so fascinated by the Casino Royale scene that I have to emulate it

This snake just perched itself on a branch out of nowhere. How National Geographic is that !!

I was lounging under the tree by the beach and was munching my usual snacks. I noticed a few squirrels running about and offered the buggers some Pringles. One critter gladly accepted

Anyway, the moment I got home, mom and dad just fed me until I burst. Mom took me to the morning market because she knows I miss the Kelantanese dialect and listening to the makciks trading is like Vivaldi listening to the Ninth Symphony.
Siti Khadijah market
Mom buying durians

Later, Papa took me to eat gearbox soup - his all time favourite and mine too.
Papa's daily diet and source of happiness

Coming back from lunch, I noticed something odd in front of my house.
What's that lump in the middle of the road

I went for a closer look and by golly, it was a PYTHON (pronounced as Piten). How cool is that to have a wild piten right in front of my house!
Beautiful piten close up

This was my time to shine as a wildlife specialist ala Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin. The difference between me and these guys were, their mothers weren't in the background nagging at me to leave the snake alone. There's a video and I'm uploading it on YouTube soon.
After taking videos of the snake, Papa brutally killed the snake and it became dinner for the night.
Yummy piten

Just kidding. The snake slithered off into the bushes after I molested it. That night, Papa brought me to his favourite restaurant, Victoria Station. We had
Fried larvae and insects

Terrapin or labi labi with chilli
Giant prawns from God knows where

The next day, mom and papa took me to one of the largest sitting Buddhas in South East Asia. This amazing structure is located in Wakaf Baru, 15km from Kota Bharu. It's fasicnating that the PAS govt is so open about other religion and just recently, our government banned Yoga. How's that for a thought?

Later, it's off to the Beach Of Passionate Love where I used to have BBQs with my friends. The beach is still unbelievably beautiful and warm.
Beach Of Passionate Love - Pantai Cinta Berahi

Literally flying a kite

Before I left, Mom made her kiam chai bui, omellete eggs with prawns and fried pomfret.Heaven.
Papa advocating me to be shirtless as often as I can

I love my parents and I love Kota Bharu. Full Stop.

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Asnida said...

Hi Teoh. I had a blast reading your blog, it's so funny and hilarious! I'm also from Kota Bharu, now staying in PJ. My friends were amazed when they heard my Kelantanese Chinese friends speak in our dialect. Keep on writing dude...