Friday, November 14, 2008

Genting Trailblazers 2008

2 weeks after Perhentian Island Challenge, I participated in Genting Trailblazers 2008. This was my first participation for this event and allow me to describe this race :

I partnered my loyal partner, Miss Natalie Ng Poh Fang. By the way, she works in MATRADE and is currently learning French and very single.
Natalie Ng Poh Fang

She picked me up at Leisure Mall, Cheras around 6am and we took a nice drive to Genting Highlands along the Karak Highway. It's nice to know that after exiting Ampang, you'd be greeted by the awesomeness of nature - the Titiwangsa Range.
Titiwangsa Range
And in this range, you have the oldest rainforest in the world, abundance of waterfalls and species of flora and faunas. Anyway, I think it's pretty cool if compared to Singapore. If you're in Singapore and after driving for 45 minutes, you'll probably see Bishan MRT.
Bishan MRT

A group had already converge on the starting line when we arrived. I met some people from PIC 2008 and exchanged our pleasantaries.
Start of the race

It was 830am when we were flagged off. Natalie and I took our time to enjoy
the view. Might I say, Genting Highlands has quite a view.
Start of the race
View along the race

After 40 minutes of running, my calf and ankles (cankles) felt heavy and rigid. I don't know why. In an impulsive moment, I decided to take off my shorts behind a shed and ran with my Speedos ala PIC. Suddenly, the heaviness of my cankles just dissapeared and I ran non stop until we reached the entrance into the jungle.
Speedos resurrected

Left Natalie behind after my new found semangat

Because it rained slightly earlier, going downhill was hazardous. It was made worse by the groups in front of us which made the soil flat and our shoes had no traction with the ground.I slipped and fell on my butt a couple of times but there was one particular slip where upon landing on my buttocks, I continued sliding down all the way a tree stump which slightly crushed my balls. The scream "Ohhh my balls" pierced through the rainforest and to the amusement of others who were trying to balance themselves.

By that time, everybody was muddy and I was glad to be in my Speedos. Ahead was a 1km uphill-55 degrees trek. Being PIC veterans, it was easy peasy. Others were huffing and puffing during that ascend.
Glad to be in my Speedos
Natalie sliding down a mini hill

Partners in the jungle

By 1130am, we were already near the end. We had to go through some Mickey Mouse obstacle course like the one below :
Getting ready to jump into the mud water from the Mickey Mouse obstacle


Anyway, after the obstacles was the FINISH line. We obtained 45th placing.
45th Placing and Muddy

Later, we had a bit of lunch catered by Awana and left. I also saw my arch nemesis' partner, Cydney. Her cankles are now healed after she sprained it in PIC.
Arch nemesis' partner in the middle

Fellow scantily clad runner.It's catching on

Overall, it was good to see familiar faces and it felt great to terrorize new participants with my red Speedos. Will I join next year? OF COURSE.....

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