Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Evening With Pak Lah

I was recently given the honour and privilege to attend a dinner function with our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Poor guy. 6 hours earlier, he had an emergency meeting with the UMNO guys and was slated to relinquish power in March 2009. But kudos to him for still making an effort to attend a function rather than
canceling it.
It's not easy being a PM. The dinner went on until 11pm. He gave speeches, the rakyat taking personal pictures, asking for autographs. And to think that he just went through his own personal and crushing crisis 6 hours ago. If this happened to me,
I would have handled it differently and it usually involves my 2 friends, Jack and Jose.
I took a lot of pictures of Mr Badawi to show you guys that he's harmless and a nice guy. Don't be too harsh on him.
Pak Lah close up
Putrajaya Power Babes
Putrajaya Power Babes 2
Muzaffar Teoh

Don't post pictures of him sleeping while attending functions. If I was his age, I'd definitely feel tired and sleepy at 1052pm after a hectic day. Heck, even at 2pm I'm feeling sleepy already.
My ideal 2pm activity

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Helloooooooo my friend,
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