Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Currently Ranking No.1 Beef Noodle

For the past 25 years, the ranking no.1 beef noodle is held by by Lai Foong. For your information, I have been consuming their fabulous beef noodle for at least 10 years now. About a year ago, their regular beef noodle guy seems to be irregular. And because of his irregularity, someone took over the helm. And that someone literally destroyed a much loved decades old beef noodles. The soup is so diluted now and the internal beef parts isn't as tender as Priscilla Presley's thighs anymore. I decided to abandon eating at Lai Foong in protest.
Lai Foong
You broke my heart Lai Foong
Coz I don't wanna miss a thing
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye ..To Lai Foong

About 3 months ago, I read in a blog of a recently opened new beef noodle stall that's making waves amongst beef noodle lovers in the Klang Valley. Hidden in a narrow road around Jalan Pasar (the electronics haven), all you can see is a typical stainless steel hawker cart. Behind the hawker cart is an equally steely chef. This chef hails from Hong Kong and he makes the meanest beef noodles. I tried it and was blown away by the soup, the tenderness of the beef, the varieties of the beef parts and most importantly - they also offer wagyu beef.

Tripe at right with the special beef sauce to dip it in

I call this dish -The Gym Pope because of it's beefy holiness

The restaurant's name is Kwai Chup. Parking can be brutal. The wait can be brutal. Here is the Standard Operating Procedure when you are there - Park, arrive, sit on the table and wait for you someone to come over to order from you. DO NOT GO NEAR THE BEEF NOODLE STATION OR YOU WILL BE THE RECEIVING END OF THE GRUMPY HK CHEF's BEEFY ANGRY BULL GLARE. You can order in English but it's best to know your beef lingo - tripe, brisket, striploin, tendon, beef ball, wagyu, kobe and stomach.
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