Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How I Got My Diving Groove Back


Back in 2012 and after having logged more than 200 dives,

200 Dives !!!!

I started to feel a little bored with diving. I love diving. Don't get me wrong. When I am underwater, I need not deal with traffic jams, indecisive drivers, long meetings, noise pollution, Chinese tourists, etc.
My 6 hour meetings. Every Fridays and Tuesdays

I started to feel melancholic with diving and not finding anything exotic also contributed to my lack of diving interest. I found the same old boring nudibranches
I call these - Tiga Seposen Nudibranches as in 10 cents for 3 nudibranches

It was my third dive on Tenggol Island and I really really love Tenggol Island but the last 2 dive trips there made me want to sell my dive equipment on eBay. 56 minutes into the dive, getting ready to do my safety stop and possibly, diving for the last time, the dive master Hazrol, gestured me to come closer and he showed me this :
How awesome is this nudibranch!!!!!! An undescribed species

That really made my day


Logging almost 300 dives now, I am a bigger dive snob now that I have seen manta rays.
My first sighting of a manta ray

Like the previous symptoms, I was fed up even with the discovery of frogfishes and pygmy seahorses. Spoken like a true dive snob. I began another downward spiral towards diving boredom. Again, the thought of selling my dive equipment on eBay lingered and it doesn't help that my ex girlfriend will soon be a Dive Master after I introduced her to diving and she subsequently decided to break up with me and venture on her own diving career.

It was my last dive on Pom Pom Island at my favourite Celebes Beach Resort when French Dive Master Monsieur Bich Mathieu, found the most dangerous marine creature on the planet - the BLUE RING OCTOPUS 4 metres !!!!!
Sacre Blue ....Ring !!!!

But what hit the sweet spot and got my diving groove back happened at 1000pm later that night :
Baby Thresher Shark !!!

And this is the story on how the dive snob got his diving groove back.


Ellen said...

nice, that means to say you are not done with diving just yet, welcome back dive snob! let's enjoy the thrill of 'flying' again! ^_^

Ummi Haslinda said...

Snob :P