Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't Be A Hero

I'm always very gung ho when it comes to water just because I'm a good swimmer. I'm a triathlete for crying out loud. But I learnt an invaluable lesson at a waterfall and let these videos be a lesson to you guys with the messages : DON'T TRY TO BE A HERO AND ALWAYS BE SAFE.

This video shows my first jump into a fast moving river but who can't resist jumping into such frothy blue looking waters right?
My First Jump..Pas De Problem(No Problem in French)

I enjoyed my first jump so much that I wanted to do a second jump into the oh so inviting river. This is where Mr Gung Ho came into effect and watch how I got into trouble
Unable to surface for 11 seconds

I tried to kick my way to the surface and I just couldn't. The force was too strong and by the 4th second I started swallowing water. Somehow or rather, I kicked really hard and managed to surface and gasped for air. Close close call. So remember, don't be too Gung Ho in nature..unless your name is Gung Ho. But what a sexy looking waterfall I jumped into right?

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Shamaine said...

Confident kills... beware :)